No one will use your app because it was created without code

03. 01. 2021 by Honza Pav

No one will use your app because it was created without code

Most of my life, I am both tech-optimistic and careful. When it comes to no-code development, I’m happy to see the tools being accessible to a much wider group of makers, tinkerers and dreamers. This is so much needed. But sometimes, optimism leads us in the wrong direction.

I also consider myself a maker. What I love is to build things and make my hands dirty. The tools I use are less necessary for the purpose of the project. Don’t get me wrong – when I first built a website with Jekyll (a static website generator, kind of not-so-code-but-still-code) and deployed it with Netlify for free, I was in heaven.

I am in love with tools more then I want to admit.

But sometimes, when I read about all the no-code projects, I have to laugh. Make Instagram without code! Build a new Airbnb! Have your own version of PornHub (TBH, haven’t seen this yet)!

I know it is possible to build anything without code as the code is always beneath the surface. But honestly, everyone should be aware are mostly sample projects that help people to learn no-code tools.

Why am I saying this? Firstly, I am afraid that this makes the optimistic, proactive and creative movement of no-code builders less relevant outside of the community. Secondly, I think this can slow-down it down. Why?

We need to build tools for people outside of the community. I understand the brand „no-code” currently sells the project. But in reality, a no-code agency is ultimately not so different from any company that builds internet projects or automate business processes.

Sure, the maker mindset is a valuable asset. But the tools stack is just the tool stack. We are only building with different tools.

For whom is the tool stack significant? For the maker? Of course. For the client? Maybe. For the end-user? Not sure about this one. No one will use it because it’s been built without coding (actually it might make someone suspicious). Nobody will take your tools stack as an excuse if the user experience is not perfect at the end.

There are so many good reasons to use no-code or low-code tools. Actually, I wrote another article on this topic (will link soon). But the argument „it is a no-code, and therefore it should be considered cool” is not enough for me.

How about you?

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